5 starting models

These are the starting models: customizable in shape, size and finish

MOD 280
Driveway width 2800 mm – Maximum width 3640 mm
Total weight 470 kg

MOD 300
Driveway width 3000 mm – Maximum width 3840 mm
Total weight 500 kg

MOD 320
Driveway width 3200 mm – Maximum width 4040 mm
Total weight 510 kg

MOD 350
Driveway width 3500 mm – Maximum width 4340 mm
Total weight 570 kg

MOD 360
Driveway width 3600 mm – Maximum width 4440 mm
Total weight 590 kg

the Materials

3 materials chosen for the best performance in beauty and durability

The style of a unique product.
Cold galvanisation is a treatment aimed at protecting the steel parts from corrosion. The zinc coating in fact forms a barrier that insulates it from the attack of atmospheric agents (barrier effect) and performs an electrochemical protection (cathodic protection)


The charm of an ageless material.
In 1933, the United States Steel Corporation (USS) patented Corten steel for the first time, whose name derives from the fusion of typical characteristics of the material: CORrosion resistance and TENsile strength.


Resistant to oxidation even in aggressive environments.
The discovery of stainless steel is attributed to the British scientists John T. Woods and John Clark who, in 1872, patented a metal alloy containing 35% chromium by weight while also being resistant to acids


The Personalizations

customize as you want the shape of your Fangate

this is only a partial selection of the customizations that can be made.

the Accessories

Mailbox, intercom, pedestrian gate, built-in house number

The pedestrian gate is made in coordination with the Fangate.

accessori cancello-en

Designed to arrange all accessories in the ideal position

The panel is made in coordination with the Fangate and is designed to arrange all the accessories in the ideal position.

The box structure gives solidity and becomes a useful compartment to hide cables or wiring.

Supplied with :
❖ Housing for the intercom
❖ Housing for the Fangate control panel
❖ Custom house number
❖ CIntegrated mailbox

Dimensions: Cm 30x200x10 (LxHxD)

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