Functionality, innovation and design

Fangate was born in 1996 from the genius of Nello Trinciarelli to offer to those who have problems of slopes or small spaces as a functional solution with a unique and innovative design.

The first project remained in the inventor’s drawer until 2012, when it was decided to make the first prototype and, at the same time, to obtain the first patent for its invention.

The product will then be renamed Fangate and the same name will then be registered as a trademark to represent the new brand.

The participation in some exhibitions immediately receives positive feedback and in 2013 the first Fangate was created as a product for the end customer.

The “TN di Nello Trinciarelli” is engaged in the design and sale of this new product. Since 2018, the first partnerships with resellers from many European countries have begun; in 2022 the Company became “TN di Trinciarelli Srl”.

The goal for the future is to continue the development of the foreign market, as a normal outlet for such an innovative product.

1996. The beginning

Nello Trinciarelli, craftsman and inventor with many projects in the drawer, decided to put on paper the idea of the Fan Opening Gate, developing the first model

2012. First Projects

The first prototype is produced. Thanks to the collaboration developed with the project “Rethinking the Product” of the Pisa’s Chamber of Commerce, the first exhibition takes place at “100% Design” in London, then the “Fiera di Milano” and the Artisan Exhibition in Florence; followed by other exhibitions scattered throughout the country

2013. The product definition

In 2013, the first Fan Opening Gate was created as an artisan product for the final customer; the production of these models is accompanied by research and development

2017. Start-up of artisanal production

Since 2017 the Fan Opening Gate has been subject of new updates with the continuation of the artisanal production

TODAY. Our selling network is growing!

Thanks to our partners, we can install our FANGATES in different countries including Germany, Austria, France, Romania, UK, Australia, South Korea, Holland and Serbia

Artisan from 1937

The activity was born in 1937 with the name of its founder “Amelio Trinciarelli Fabbro Ferraio” who, like most of the artisans of those years, worked in some rooms of his home carrying on the blacksmith and farrier activities.

Between 1957 and 1958, the business development led to the construction of a new building that allowed Amelio to buy new equipment to meet emerging demands, and later in 1983 an even larger warehouse was built where the business is still based today.

The new company “TN di Nello Trinciarelli” was born in 1996 with the aim of continuing the business as an artisan workshop for the production of wrought iron objects; the products range includes gates, fences, railings and many other objects for indoor and outdoor or garden furniture.

From the very beginning, however, the “TN di Nello Trinciarelli” chose to combine the design and development activity with craftsmanship; by 2001 the first 3D graphics software are used both for the design study and for accurate and detailed graphic reproduction of the product.

In 2022 the Company transformed into the “TN di Trinciarelli Srl” thus continuing its history of craftsmanship, development and innovation.

the Leadership Team

Nello Trinciarelli


After twenty years of experience in the mechanics field, he resumed the craft of his father, starting a business of design and production of wrought iron works. The combination of technical knowledge, materials and market requirements gave rise to the idea of the Fan Opening Gate

Valentino Trinciarelli


After completing the phase of technical studies in the construction field, he spent his first years working in some professional offices.

In 2006 he began working with his father at “TN di Nello Trinciarelli”

sustainable development

Fangates® guarantees high quality, with increasingly more Green solutions.
With an amplified awareness and sensitivity towards the environmental crisis, we have set ourselves the goal of minimizing our impact on the planet with ecological and responsible choices.

Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels in 2008, the machines in our workshop are co-powered by renewable energy.
Fangates® bets on clean energy with the knowledge that the future is created in the present

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